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BDI: Not Only Beautiful And Modern, But Also Functional

BDI: Not Only Beautiful And Modern, But Also Functional

At Grayson Living, we believe that beautiful furniture can be also functional and that’s why we carry BDI. The brand that specializes in creating high-end modern and contemporary designs that are practical for everyday use.


For the last 35 years, BDI was dedicated to create functional and beautiful furniture. They made standard features such as easily adjustable shelves, fingerprint-proof glass, hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, and meticulously thought-out cord-management systems — are a result of our ongoing dedication to beautifully practical design.


BDI’s goal is to combine function, innovation, and style, and not just create design simply for design’s sake. They also make sure to manufacture their furniture in an environmentally conscious way. They engineer their packaging thoughtfully to ensure everything arrives in the best condition with a minimal amount of waste.




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 BDI Elements 8777-ME Entertainment Console


BDI Corridor 5620 Bar Cabinet


BDI Modica 6341 Desk


BDI Format 6301 Desk


BDI Radius 1730 Cocktail Table


BDI Tanami 7109 Entertainment Console


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