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How It's Made: Silver Leaf Furniture

How It's Made: Silver Leaf Furniture

Today at Grayson Living, we’re sharing how our top furniture designer creates a gilded, metallic surface on wood and metal furniture.


First step: unfinished metal or wood frames are sanded and coated with 3 different layers of base coat and then left to dry for an hour.



Second step: the glue is applied and left to dry to the proper tackiness before applying the silver or gold leaf.



Third step: silver leaf sheets are tiled along the surface. They're being overlapped in order to cover properly the entire surface of the furniture.



Fourth step: Drying. Each layer must air dry for a whole day before sanding and adding another layer of silver leaf. This step is repeated at least three times.



Silver leafing is a very effortful process. It involves several layers of leaf application, days of drying, gentle brushing and sanding in order to achieve a flawless leaf application that shines with elegance.

All the imperfections like tiling, color variation and cracks or lines in your silver leaf are normal and add to the character to the furniture.



Get the look

Caracole Shell It Like It Is Sideboard 


Caracole Shining Star Nightstand


Caracole Very Appealing Arm Chair


Caracole Social Butterfly Sofa



Bernhardt Somerset Dining Table



Caracole Come Oval Here Cocktail Table



Caracole La-Dee-Dah Dresser




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