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Palecek: Meet The Designer Behind Your Favorite Sustainable San Francisco Furniture Company

Palecek: Meet The Designer Behind Your Favorite Sustainable San Francisco Furniture Company

If you’re a fan of unique, functional furniture and home decor pieces from natural fibers, then you’re familiar with the brand called Palecek. And if you’re unfamiliar, you’re missing out! These stunning pieces are inspired by master artisans from all over the world. Palecek family traveled to draw inspiration from the craftsmen and learn to use quickly renewable resources.

Over 45 years ago, the founder of Palecek, Allan Palecek began traveling to Asia to seek inspiration in a centuries-old tradition of basket-weaving. Palecek was impressed with the quality and look of seagrass and rattan. He decided to use them and create unique and attractive home décor products using these quickly renewable materials.

Woven baskets were the first products created by Palecek. People loved the baskets so much that brand gained a lot of loyal customers, and soon after expanded the product line. Allan Palecek developed a network of master artisans and decided to mix an international palette of natural fibers and fast-growing hardwoods into elegant furniture, lighting, and accessories. This made the Palecek company an innovator and pioneer in the industry.

Palecek is now a family-owned company. Andrew Palecek, Allan’s son, is a Vice President of the company. He joined the managing team in 2002. His passion for design and sophisticated style continues to transform the brand.

Important dates for Palecek:
In 2010, Palecek acquired PierceMartin and its line of exquisite furniture and lighting.
In 2012, Allan was presented the ARTS Academy of Achievement Honor.

Palecek is based in San Francisco Bay Area and offers an extensive line of award-winning, handcrafted and eco-conscious designs, upholstered and finished in Richmond, CA.


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