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Setting Up A Home Bar? Top Bar Accessories You Should Know About

Setting Up A Home Bar? Top Bar Accessories You Should Know About

Even if you don’t drink, it is good to have a bar to serve your friends and visitors. People often mistakenly think that buying a sofa bar table and a few bottles of whiskey is all it takes to set up a home bar. Establishing your home bar is easy, but you should keep a few things in mind to ensure that the result is satisfactory. 

Interlude Home Fabienne Bar Cabinet

This article is a guide to help you set up your own home bar. It starts with storage ideas, followed by a list of accessories you will need. Let’s begin with furniture ideas for your bar.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Bar

The first thing you have to decide is where do you want your bar? It could be anything from a dedicated bar room to a bar height table. Here are a few ideas that might help:

This is the most cost-effective idea for a home bar. You can just set up a table and call it a drink table. Start by placing a table in the quiet corner of your room. Buy some fairy lights and tune the light around the area to set the mood.  Choose a long table, such as a console table. Allocate a part of it as the drinking area and another for stocking & pouring drinks. You are ready with the cheapest yet fully functional home bar.

Sunpan Bronx Bar Table

Sunpan Artemis Bar Cart

If you are going for style, the bar carts are the way to go. Allot a corner of a room for your home bar and buy a large bar cart. You can either label it as a self-service where your guests can make drinks for themselves. Or if you like making cocktails and serving drinks, you can go for that too. Since bar carts are moving entities, keep your inventory of liquor bottles elsewhere. Make sure that your bar cart doesn’t look messy or cluttered. 

The tray idea is not to allocate a dedicated area for your home bar, but to use the top of a console table, bookcase/bookshelf, etc. for storing drinks and the necessary equipment. You can decorate the area with art pieces and lights to give it the desired look. 


Michael Aram Black Orchid Wine Rest

Now that you have the basic idea of the storage needs for your home bar, you will need a list of bar accessories you will need for the same. The next section tells you about the accessories you’ll need.

Bar Accessories You Will Need

 Drinking glasses & Bar Accessories

Your home bar cannot exist without drinkware – tequila and drink glasses. You want to buy good-quality glasses to make sure that they don’t break or crack easily. Buy well-reviewed and high-rated drinking glasses from reputed online stores.

If you take an interest in making drinks and cocktails, you should equip your home bar with mixology tools such as soda siphon, shakers, jigger, etc.

Now, this may differ depending on your choices, but there are a few basics that you should have. For basics, you can go for Whiskey, Gin, White Rum, Tequila, Dark Rum, etc. followed by mixers – soda, tonics, Bitters, Juices, etc. Besides these, you can have garnishes such as olives, lemon, etc. 

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Bar Cart


You can check out more exciting furniture ideas for your home bar such as a white bar table at Grayson Living – A Home For Stylish and Affordable Furniture. They provide cost-effective luxurious home décor and lighting options too.

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