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Stylish And Fragrant Candles And Diffusers For Home

A room is not only judged by its looks, but also the way it smells. Fragrances can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of the space. We all have experienced avoiding a particular place just because of an unfavorable smell and since our home is a clear representation of our personal style and standards, maintaining hygiene becomes an inevitable part of house maintenance.

Room fresheners and diffusers no longer curtail the beauty of your decor. The right ones can actually make your space look much better! And to help you find the perfect such addition to make your house look and smell better, we have formulated a list below.

Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Candle

Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo CandleInspired by the beautiful ginkgo tree, this artistic representation and metamorphosing of its leaves into butterflies in natural bronze on the lid adds character and charm to any space. A Michael Aram Signature Home Scent, the glass container is filled with soy wax that fills your space with an exuberant yet subtle fragrance that will definitely lift up your mood. 

Bambo Reed Diffuser

Bambo Reed Diffuser
Fill your space with the mesmerizing fragrance of flowering bamboo, white floral, fresh green accords and sparkling citrus for an atmosphere full of relaxation and serenity. The glass reed diffuser can be placed in the entryway or in the middle of your living room for the best results.

Global Views Grand Fret Hurricane

Global Views Grand Fret Hurricane
Inspired by medieval art, the fret-shaped wall diffuser shall not only fill your room with a relaxing fragrance but also provides a healthy and classy lighting solution to the area. Scented candles can be placed inside the upturned bell-shaped holder with a metal back finished in rich antique nickel for a classic appeal.

Global Views Harvest Moon Wall T-Lite Holder

Harvest Moon Wall T-Lite Holder
Adorn your walls with this contemporary style t-lite holder featuring solid cast iron and gold leaf finish that adds glitz of glamour to any space. The harvest moon holders can be filled with tea lights that emit soothing fragrance and ambient light throughout the surroundings.

John Richard Crystal Cubist Candleholder

Cubist Candleholder
Set luxury scented candles in this alluring candle holder that amplifies the appeal of your modern décor. In resemblance to modern art techniques, the four giant cubes are set in an irregular manner to form an eye-catching silhouette. Crystal it up whenever in doubt, they go with every kind of décor. 

Birchwood Pine Reed Diffuser

Pine Reed Diffuser
Sink into the aroma of majestic winter forest room fragrance sticks that can be placed in an attractive glass case for a binding and attractive look. A perfect amalgamation fir balsam, birchwood and white pine over a base of amber and rich musk, this fragrance is something everyone will love equally.

Check out more exciting range of fragrances bottled up in exciting forms and fixtures at Grayson Living. A home for luxuries, Grayson Living is the leading and trusted global giant for all your home decor requirements.


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