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Add Sophistication To Your Home With Charming And Bold Home Décor Accents

Accessorizing your home with sophistication is a difficult task. Layering a room is a continuous task, and you can always think of new ways to redecorate walls, small corners, and big spaces. Often times, updating a space involves a large investment or rather make permanent changes that are difficult to reverse.
To eliminate this dilemma, we have devised a list of a few bold and classic home décor accents that can be updated with the seasons and will impart a new and fresh look to your house.

1. John Richard Floating Ginkgo Leaves Sculpture

Floating Ginkgo Leaves SculptureCast in brass, the beautiful texture, and shape of the famous old Ginkgo tree leaves have been replicated in this sculpture. Mounted over a white marble base, the tall stack of ginkgo leaves appear to be floating in the air. Place it in the center of your coffee table and dining table to bring a touch of refined elegance to your space.

2. John Richard Set of 3 Swirling Leaves Aqua Vases

Swirling Leaves Aqua Vases

A symbolic representation of traditionalism with a modern flair, these home accents come in a set of three that can be used to decorate larger spaces like the top of your credenda or a sidebar. The subtle hues of Aqua pleases the eyes while the ginkgo leaves embossing symbolizes longevity and profound endurance, bringing a sense of tranquility to your home.

3. John Richard Large Mirrored Tray

John Richard Large Mirrored Tray

Place this mirrored tray over your cabinets or center tables, to adorn your space with a regal touch. Ideal for small spaces that feel empty, the Giacometti-style chiseled handles and frame finished in burnished gold add visual texture into any space while complementing almost any color scheme and décor pattern.

4. John Richard Hydrangea

John Richard Hydrangea
Good things as we all know come in small packages and a home accent like this will definitely glam up even the smallest area of your house. Standing on a square base of white marble is the representative replica of Hydrangea, a symbol of gratitude and understanding in gold and white.

5. John Richard Giraffe in Motion II

John Richard Giraffe in Motion II

Captured in three-dimensional design is the realistic nature of this graceful silver giraffe that is sure to catch the eyes. Positioned over a rectangular block of white marble, the sculpture can magnify the appeal of any space with its subtle charm. Place it on your side tables or credenzas to receive all kinds of appreciation and compliments.

6. John Richard Free-Form Sculpture

John Richard Free-Form Sculpture

Encasing the essence of modern art is this free-form sculpture representing an unrestrained lifestyle and a bold heart. Affixed on a square white marble base is a structure in a polished aluminum finish that complements any décor undoubtedly. You can accentuate your bed space by placing this over your nightstands or in your living room over a side table for a fulfilling and graceful appeal.

7. John Richard Free-Form Aluminum Bowl II

Free-Form Aluminum Bowl II

Lend any space a dash of glamour with this Free-Form Aluminum Bowl. Cast in aluminum with a nickel finish, the bowl showcases a free-form cutout pattern and a shapely silhouette that brings definition to your space. The small piece can be added to any space in need of a touch of an oomph factor. On the functional front, you can also use it as a napkin holder!
Looking for more? Take a peek at the enormous range of decorative accents that Grayson Living has to offer. A luxury and quality shopping destination for all your home décor needs.

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