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Bernhardt Linea Round Mirror

Amazing Mirror Decoration Ideas

Mirrors are important in a home to help get dressed but also make amazing accent accessories on their own. They come in different styles and can impact how the room looks - make it look brighter and bigger, and visually more appealing. Accent mirrors can be used for decoration and change the entire décor theme of a room. While decorative mirrors can serve as the focal point or to make a statement, take a look at some of these ideas you can use them in different ways, and get inspired.

Bernhardt Rustic Patina Mirror 321 Peppercorn (387)

Off Centre

Conventionally mirrors are centered above the table, couch, or other furniture pieces. But you can create a surprise element, by hanging it somewhere on the side and not in the middle so that it looks off-position and you aren't staring at your own face while working. This will also keep the desk corner feeling light and airy.

Caracole Classic Fan-Tastic Mirror

Mirrored Door

Every home needs to have a full-length mirror to get dressed. Affixing one to a door is not just space-saving, but makes the room visually bigger while creating a window-effect on the wall. It will also beautifully reflect light and the room’s views.

Lexington Carlyle Adour Shagreen Square Mirror

Layering with Mirrors

Any bedroom is incomplete without a nice round mirror. Hang that round mirror above your dresser layered with art and flowers to add some dimensions and interest. While the mirror bounces light around the room, the art and branches can be swapped out as required.

Bernhardt Linea- Round Mirror

Mirror Used in Gallery Wall

While you create your living room accent wall, you can use small decorative mirrors for an eye-catching look. A nice round mirror can be used to lighten up a gallery wall when placed somewhere between your cherished artworks and images.

Hooker Furniture McAlister Floor Mirror with Jewelry Storage

Play with Mirror Shapes

Hanging the mirror above the mantel is a classic move. But using a mirror in some unconventional shape can add interest to an expected placement. If using a round mirror, it can be used to break the monotony of all the straight lines in the room.

Hooker Furniture Melange Encircle Floor Mirror

Vintage Mirror

Get a vintage mirror with a time-worn patina to create a space full of charm and functions like an art piece. For an even enhanced look, you can place a wood-framed vintage painted mirror along with a time-worn patina to create a farmhouse-style inspired space.

Hooker Furniture Accents Floor Mirror with Jewelry Armoire Storage


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