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Tommy Bahama Home Royal Kahala Edgewater Sofa As Shown

Best Ideas To Mix And Match Furniture

Gone are the times to use the patterns that do not mix. The use of different pattern mixes can be fun and add some playful interest to any home space. They look even better in kid-friendly homes and spaces.

Marge Carson Equinox Credenza

This doesn’t mean that you can just choose everything and anything because it becomes important to choose patterns that blend like blending plaids and polka dots etc. Mixing patterns and color schemes is easy than it might appear. Just incorporate some of these ideas about mixing and matching to do it all like a pro.

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Using different Pattern Types

When mixing patterns, use about two or three different types like stripes combining with polka dots or polka dots with floral. You just need to ensure that every pattern is different.

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Multiple patterns of the same type confuse the eye, which takes a moment to register that the patterns are similar but not alike. But varied patterns are instantly distinguishable, creating clear contrast and resulting in fresh and more visually interesting designs.

Tommy Bahama Home Royal Kahala Edgewater Sofa As Shown

Coordinating Color Scheme

Contrast is not the only principle on which things can work. Even the contrasting patterns should have about two unifying elements to blend well. Therefore, it becomes important to focus on other elements like color. Colors can help create a cohesive look while merging different patterns together for a cleaner look.

Caracole Classic Cult Classic Dining Table

Pair Patterns with Solids

How about mixing some patterns with solid color blocks? For instance, for contemporary bedding, you can pair a patterned bedspread with a solid bed skirt in a complementary color. Another idea is to consider a solid curtain fabric. By incorporating solids in your area with patterns, you can establish clear visual boundaries between patterns to create a crisp, clean look.

Marge Carson Design Folio Traditional Bed King- As Shown- Bed

Vary Patterns with Scale

Another interesting idea is to choose patterns that vary in scale. Use multiple large-scale prints for focus and distracting the onlookers. Then you can mix them with small and intricate patterns to create a busy look. This way, using a fine mix of both small and large-scale patterns works amazing for various items like accent walls, larger canvases, beddings, and curtains, etc.

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