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Creative Tips To Use Faux Floral In Home Decoration

Faux flowers are becoming popular these days, especially in commercial and residential spaces, as they need less maintenance. Not only that, they serve as instant decoration and at the same time, are also cost-effective. At times, if you can’t maintain real indoor plants, then undoubtedly faux are the best options for you. Additionally, fake flowers can be used in bulk by you on a variety of occasions like – weddings, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, or if you want to embellish a space. 
John Richard Vivid Orchids
In case you want to add some fresh spot of color in your living room, then go for the following ways.

In the Living Area and Bedrooms

You can display the faux flowers and plants in elegant glass vessels and place them near the window, or mantelpiece. They would add vibrancy and a dash to color to your living space. Faux floral home décor can also be placed somewhere outside if you live somewhere in a mild climate.

John Richard Pink Hibiscus

It will be a smart move to place the faux plant or a flower vase somewhere near sunlight, like by the window side, to make it appear to the people that it might be real and placed there to let it grow.

Mix and Match

John Richard Trellis Dendrobiums

Remember when you place faux flowers, then they are kept simple. Always stick to a maximum of two colors, and add in some fresh greenery to the display. The vessels that you get to place them can be mixed and matched, and you can get them in different materials like metal, glass, and ceramic, as well as wicker and rattan, to keep things natural. Give a luxe appearance by placing the artificial indoor plants on the dresser cabinet or some console table.
Yet another idea of mixing and matching can be mixing a bouquet into something eye-catching using some faux ferns or eucalyptus that are meant to last for years.

Things to Remember

John Richard Fresh Peonies

Some things to be considered while buying artificial floral arrangements is to choose flowers in realistic colors. They won’t die, never go out of season and also add organic feels to your area. Another thing is to stick to odd numbers. Artificial indoor plants in irregular groups of three, five, or seven look better. You can also choose multiple textures, like combining big blousy blooms like roses, peony, or hydrangea, with more textural foliage like berry bundles, evergreen leaves, or an abundance of beautiful astilbe.


Add a touch of nature inside your home that is meant to last forever with various faux flowers and plants offered by John Richard Collection. Explore more at Grayson Living – a one-stop-shop for luxurious furniture pieces and other home décor accessories.
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