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Things To Consider While Buying Comfy Furniture For Your Fluffy Friend

Things To Consider While Buying Comfy Furniture For Your Fluffy Friend

Regardless of the corner where your pet likes to snuggle and snooze, they deserve a warm and cozy bed just like we humans. Our four-legged friends too deserve a safe and comfortable place that they can call their own, and curl up for their daytime naps and a relaxed night’s sleep.

TOV Hound Navy Pet Bed

Measure Your Pet to Get The Right Size

You should know your pet’s size from their nose to tail. The right-sized bed is necessary. In case your dog’s or cat’s size is smaller, then go for rounded pet beds. The right size can also be decided based on weight. If you have a bigger pet, then consider denser pet beds with plush cushioning.

TOV Poodle Pet Bed

Material of Furniture

If you buy leather designer pet furniture, then it is easy to clean and maintain. These furniture pieces are also sure to last longer and are durable. The leather of these pet furniture is thick enough to prevent any wear and tear from the claws and teeth of your pet. 

You can also opt for microfiber pet furniture that you can avail in a variety of bold and vibrant colors. You can clean them easily with a wipe and are quite a perfect option after leather.

TOV Yorkshire Pet Bed

Easy Cleaning

Small-sized luxury pet beds are more comfortable to clean. When it comes to large-sized modern pet furniture, then prefer the ones with removable and washable cover. As a secured option, you can also buy extra covers in case you can’t wash them instantly. 

TOV Dachshund Pet Bed

Other Important Bed Features

In case your dog has a health problem, then go for a dog couch bed, beds with very thick padding, or some memory foam bed that comes with multiple health benefits. If your cat is aging or in the case had its hair removed or trimmed, then prefer modern cat furniture that can be heated. These furniture options are cozy and comfortable, especially for the winter months. If your clawed friend always crawls beneath its bed, then look for a hooded pet bed rather than an open bed.

TOV Beagle Pet Bed


Consider these factors while purchasing the luxury pet beds for your canine or feline. Explore more from the wide range at Grayson Living - A one-stop-shop for luxurious and affordable furniture pieces and home décor accessories.

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