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Tips To Choose The Perfect Accent Chair

Accent chairs are ideal for adding some personality and a fresh look to any space. Whether your home is big or small, or your choice is sophisticated or modern, there’s an accent chair to match them all!

Barclay Butera Upholstery Newton Wing Chair

Be it placing one by your bedside to read your favorite book before dozing off, or curling up with a cup of coffee by the fireplace; there is a wide selection of comfortable accent chairs that can fit any style. 

Color Scheme to be Considered!

Barclay Butera Upholstery Stratton Wing Chair

First and foremost, it is crucial to decide the color of the modern accent chair that will easily blend into the existing color scheme of your room. You can go for armless accent chairs with a neutral color palette that provides a casual look and feel. Not just are they comfortable, but offer a welcoming atmosphere in your living room as well. 

You can also mix and match and go for chairs with metallic legs in gold and silver finishes that are trendy these days. If accented with some throw pillows in different patterns and shapes, they appear like a perfect piece of artwork.

Take Aesthetics into Consideration

Tommy Bahama Home Royal Kahala Edgewater Chair

If your room is spacious and full of big furniture pieces, tables, sofas, and more, then you can follow a particular theme and then do decor variations with the accent items in the room. In this case, pair the sculptural accent chairs that are great for lounging for an extended time. Sculptural chairs that are designed to stand out and to grab attention. Not just they serve as decorative pieces but are sure to be the main focal point of the room.

Consider the Proportions

Tommy Bahama Home Royal Kahala Batik Wing Chair

If you have ample space, go for sculptural chairs offer a luxurious feel for their size that can make a statement. They provide an artistic appearance rather than a casual seat. They look perfect in modern and sophisticated homes. Even if you plan to pair the contemporary accent chairs with some sectional or table, ensure that it doesn’t appear off balance. 

Wise Pattern Picking                                                 

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Kingstown Sedona Accent Chair

In case you plan to mix things up, you should vary the scales of the patterns, so they don’t mix. Yet another option is to go for mid-century accent chairs and add some patterned throw pillows


Consider the above components while selecting any accent chair and bring home a statement piece. Explore the wide assortments of luxurious, modern, and mid-century accent chairs available online at Grayson Living– one-stop-shop for affordable and exotic furniture pieces and home decor accessories.

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