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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
Accessorize Your Home With These Decorative Candles

Accessorize Your Home With These Decorative Candles

Decorative candles create a serene ambiance in a home, and add a warm, homey look. Candles not only provide illumination, but also an important element of home decor. They are available in numerous shapes, sizes and fragrances according to which you can select your pieces. 

Whether creating a perfect indoor ambiance or lighting up outside areas, candles can undoubtedly transform any kind of space into a more comfortable and inviting place. 

Let’s take a look at different ways you can personalize and brighten up your space using different types of candles.

Magnolia Candle

Floating candles give a mystic and cozy feel to your home, patios or any space they are used in. Keep them in a bowl and place it on the tables, countertops or display areas of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas or kitchens to create a visually pleasing ambiance and an inviting atmosphere.      

Birchwood Pine Candle

Decorate your home with scented candles of different heights, as a stand-alone piece or in glass vases. Choose fragrance candles according to the color scheme of your space to create a charming asymmetrical home decor look. The flickering of fragrant flames will lend a sense of liveliness, and sometimes romance, to the atmosphere.

Apricot Tea Candle

These tiny one-time use candles create a soft and tranquil ambiance in any room. They can be used to create an intimate environment in the dinner parties and everyday casual living. Use tea light candles keeping in mind the amount of illumination required. These look especially great on a tabletop. You can place these candles next to the light-colored walls or the mirrors. 

Michael Aram Ribbon Candle

Votive candles are placed in a container before you light them. Not only will they help brighten up any corner of your home, but the votive candles are smokeless and tend to burn for a longer time. You can place them with some flowers for a romantic ambiance.

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