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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
Caracole Splash Of Flash Sofa

Best Layouts for Placing Your Couch Perfectly

A perfect couch that is comfortable and looks equally good, can solely add grace to your living room and make the space welcoming. If your living room space is limited and you are uncertain about how to arrange furniture to make it feel bigger, we have got you covered. On the other hand, if you have a big living room then the right living room sofa arrangement can put you in a dilemma again. To make it all easy for you, here are a few different sofa arrangement ideas.Four Hands Yves 5 Pc Sectional With Coffee-Brown and Sand

Sofa + 2 Chairs

This is the most common arrangement, with the sofa in the middle of the living room and two chairs to accent the space. This layout brings the most balance in a busy space. The U-arrangement of sectional sofas is another way to make your living room look more functional and fairly large. For this, arrange the longest couch in the middle of your living room and create separate room sections against its back, for instance, the dining area.

Caracole Piping Hot Sofa

Sectional Sofa

You can save space in smaller living rooms, with an L-shaped couch pushed to the corner at the meeting of the two walls. L-Shaped sofas will give you more floor space to walk around, while creating the look of a bigger room. The L Shape invites conversation and comfort. 

Caracole Repetition Armless Chair Sectional

Pair of Two Sofas

When seated face to face or in a gathering around the table in proximity, conversations flow more easily. Designing a room within a room is a great way to create a centered, dedicated area for lounging and talking. Place two identical Joli sofas from Bernhardt together to identify a separate, easy to use space, preferably with an area rug underneath.

In between Two Windows

Just in case your living room has many windows for ventilation, it also sometimes creates a space crunch inside the living room because your windows are likely to get blocked by most of your furniture. Take advantage of your windows, by arranging the long sofa between two windows, and the rest of the layout facing this arrangement to enjoy the natural light.

Caracole Living Large Sofa


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