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Wall Decor

Brilliant Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall With Picture Frames

Empty walls can be tough to tackle, and to find the perfect way to spruce up the blank walls of your place can involve a bit of planning. In case you have been struggling with how to transform a blank wall in your home into something eye-catching, then there are numerous solutions beyond just painting it.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Bernhardt Calista Round Mirror

Anchor the walls of your home with some decorative wall mirrors. Wall mirrors today are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and antique shapes. Hang them in the living area behind the sofa or over the fireplace. These mirrors are sure to reflect light and illuminate the room brightly.

Wall Photo FramesJohn Richard Set of Four Pyrite and Brass Photo Frames

It’s a great idea to display your favorite photos in frames. You can creatively showcase them on the wall and add some personal touch to the interiors. Yet, one way is to create a photo gallery on the wall. You can arrange multiple photos around some accent mirror and create some pattern that you desire. These photo frames will make a high impact with just a little effort.

Floating Shelves

Euro Style Barney 75" Floating Shelf

Floating furniture is sure to serve as a great wall décor to liven up any corner of your home. You can opt for exposed shelves to gorgeously update the empty walls. You can pair them with a floating console to create a focal point. They are perfect for making any wall come to life.

Rug Wall Hanging Art

Surya Asher Rug ASE-3002
Rugs are perfect for adding some texture, warmth, and some vibrant colors to any room. Place it behind the sofa in the living room, in some spacious bedroom, and more. This wall-filler is sure to add style and a bit of quirk to any home.

Oversized Art

Palecek Bayside Acrylic Wall Decor

You can also opt for an oversized piece of art instead. Ranging from photographs to paintings, these large arts will quickly become the main focal point in any room. Don't just be limited to the living room and bedroom, but extend them to kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, hallways, and more to reap some benefits of this bold style.


You can make your walls a statement, with these endless options. Decorate them in the middle or sides, but for sure, these unique styling will make your home feel one-of-a-kind. Explore more at Grayson Living- A one-stop-shop for furniture pieces and other home décor accessories.
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