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Choosing The Right Bedroom Bench

Choosing The Right Bedroom Bench

How to Choose the Right Bench for the End of Your Bed

One of the most practical (and therefore traditional) pieces to put at the end of a bed is a bench. A bedroom bench is not only provide comfort when dressing, but also help to create order in the bedroom. Unfortunately, choosing one isn't always the simplest! We have created a few tips to help.

Materials: Contrast Wins

Choose a bench that contrasts slightly with the make of your bed, or vice versa. "If your headboard is upholstered, then an all-wood or metal bench could be nice at the foot of your bed," she says, whereas "if your headboard is metal or wood, then opt for an upholstered bench."

Back or No Back?

Unexpressed design rules state that if the bed does not have a footboard, it makes sense to add a bench with a backrest—something to lean against, perhaps—but also that it's a good rule to break if you feel like it.

Width: Narrower Than the Bed

To keep the bench from sticking out on either side of the bed (which would be both cumbersome to maneuver around and also a little disproportionate), We advise that a bench be narrower than the bed it caps. So if you have a Queen that means your bench should be around around 45 inches wide, whereas for a King it could be around 60 to 65 inches wide.

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