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Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Vintage Style Makeover

Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Vintage Style Makeover

Décor styles come and go with different seasons but there is one décor theme that has remained a favorite of many, for decades. Yes, you have guessed it right. We are talking about the vintage décor styles. With luxury chandeliers and antique sofas as hallmarks of vintage décor style, you don’t need expensive and luxury furniture and décor items to give your home a vintage makeover. With just a few small tweaks here and a little big tweak there, you can give your home a perfect vintage makeover. So, let’s check out some décor ideas for a vintage home décor theme:
Hooker Furniture True Vintage Bench PromoHooker Furniture True Vintage Bench Promo

Get the Vintage Look with Antique Nesting Tables

Yes, nesting tables are a great accessory to accent your home décor and add a vintage vibe to it. From wooden square tables, to round metal tables, you can find them in a wide variety of colors, materials, and shapes. The best part of using a nesting table is that it won’t occupy much of your space and serve as a decorative furniture piece. Other than nesting tables, you can also go for a beautiful accent chair or an antique-style armchair set.
Zuo Tank Nesting TablesZuo Tank Nesting Tables

Colors to Create the Perfect Ambiance

Whether it’s the color of your wall, or furniture, to the color of the bedsheet, you can get the perfect vibe by selecting the right colors.Bringing warmth and nostalgia to your home décor, retro colors like denim blue, yellow, mauve, and mint green, are perfect for your vintage theme.Also, colors like warm white, red, pastel pink, beige, and earthy green, are going to make a comeback. You can incorporate these colors with your furniture items, accent items, as well as your home décor items.
Caracole Upholstery Topped Off Accent Chair Open Box ItemCaracole Upholstery Topped Off Accent Chair Open Box Item

 Turn your Old Wooden Truck into a Coffee Table

A great accessory for a vintage décor is antique chests and trunks, they are the highlight of the vintage style. You can place them at the foot of your bed or in your hallway. If you want to save space then, you can simply turn your trunks and chests into a decorative coffee table.
Grid Coffee TableGrid Coffee Table

Add the Finishing Touch with Unique Décor Items

Home décor items like vintage mirrors, rugs, pillows, throws, and wall arts are a great way to add a vintage vibe to your home décor. You can complement your vintage look with different lighting options. Antique items like an old typewriter, silver candlesticks and a vintage telephone are a great decoration option. You can also use maps, postcards, and pictures for wall decoration.
Hooker Furniture True Vintage Shaped Mirror PromoHooker Furniture True Vintage Shaped Mirror Promo


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