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Hooker Furniture Dining Room 7H Studio Jens Danish Arm Chair

Decorate Your Home In A Modern Danish Style

Danish style interiors are taking over the world with their simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. Add “hygge” to your home aesthetics, with these inspiring decor ideas.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Studio 7H Jens Danish Arm Chair

Furniture with Neat and Clean Lines

Be it your living room or bedroom, do not overcrowd the space. Get simple furniture like tables, sofas, side tables, etc. in clear, neat lines. Add some coziness, and make it more inviting with added layers of rugs. Get round tables that go well with simple couches and give a minimalist appeal.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Studio Jens Danish Arm Chair

Integrate Simple Decorative Accents

As mentioned, Danish interiors are all about simplicity. Decoration in your home has to be simple too, so you can decorate the tables of your dining area, living room and bedroom with some elegant ceramic vases. For added warmth, decorate your sofa-sectionals with throws and pillows in simple geometric prints. Danes love to light candles. So place some white and unscented candles in different rooms including the kitchen and bathrooms.

Global Views Halo Sculpture

Combine Metal and Wood Elements

Danish design combines metal and wood in furniture and fixtures both. One popular combination is to combine a wooden floor with metal tables. Another idea is to combine a wooden ceiling with metal lighting fixtures, pendant lights, etc. In fact, you can also get furniture with some brass handles or legs, lamps in metallic finishes, etc.

Caracole Steel The Show Dining Table

Focus on Warm and Neutral Colors

If you talk of colors associated with Danish décor, then count on monochromes, gray, and brown hues. Make use of these neutral toes, to create a clean and soothing effect. When making use of textures too, stick to warm and neutral tones of wool and leather.

Caracole Classic Diamond Jubilee Bed


Danes talk of form and functionality. With these hacks create Danish-inspired interiors and make your home “hygge” too. We are offering furniture from the top most recognizable brands along with complimentary online e-design services. From fabric sample requests, catalog shipments, CAD designs, and inspirational boards. Our designers are ready to accommodate any requests virtually. Explore more at Grayson Living – A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of luxurious furniture pieces and other quality home décor accessories, including an unprecedented collection of Danish furniture and décor.
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