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Caracole Furniture

Difference Between Modern And Contemporary Furniture

Every home’s interior theme has its unique pull, be it ethnic or vintage or contemporary to modern. So, whatever be the theme that captures your mind, it should definitely implement it in your home. In today’s times, modern and contemporary are often considered synonymous with each other. But, these two themes are noticeably distinctive from each other.
Caracole Compositions Avondale Round Dining Table
Caracole Furniture combines a modern look and contemporary designs to offer you furniture pieces and décor items that are crafted in style with a focus on design innovation.

Sculptured and Innovative Modern Interior Designs

When talking about modern living room themed décor then all that furniture in your home is dated from the early to mid-twentieth century. In this interior style, the major focus is on form and function. The modern furniture like modern chairs, beds are designed in earthly palettes and uses natural materials like wood, stone, and leather.
Caracole Compositions Avondale Sofa
The Caracole modern furniture range looks beautiful with its luxe designs and fabrics and ensures durability. Design innovation comes in many forms with Caracole. Its cabinets and nightstands have unique designs and are versatile pieces that could function even as accent tables and consoles. They are luxe with quilted fabrics in the interiors.

Exotic Finishes and Durable Materials of Contemporary Interiors

Talking about contemporary furniture, it is purely based on the present trend. It involves a mix of minimalism, modernism and other global styles without focusing more on any one of these. The entire focus is on neutral tones, and clean bold lines. Contemporary designs even focus on the use of gold and silver metallic finishes and the use of glass.
Caracole Fontainebleau Center Table
Caracole furniture has always focused on raising a bar with its finishes and materials and thereby incorporates thoughtful functionality and one-of-a-kind silhouettes. Caracole’s unique craftsmanship involves veneers and is processed in contemporary colors.


Add a modern touch and quirky edge to your home interiors with the distinctive beauty of Caracole furniture. Explore more at Grayson Living – A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of luxurious furniture pieces and other quality home décor accessories that includes an unprecedented selection of Caracole modern and contemporary styled furniture.
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