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Discover Refined Glam

Discover Refined Glam


A favorite look for those with discerning taste, Refined Glam has a vibrancy all its own. The aesthetic is streamlined and sophisticated, with a reverence to architectural simplicity. Framed in beauty, each unique piece adds color, texture, and reflectivity to a space. 

    Elements That Define Refined Glam

    • Invest in one large piece of upholstered furniture, ideally with tufting or nailhead detailing.
    • Color palettes with white, gray, cream, black, and jewel tones
    • Mix and match mirrored or metallic elements with neutrals for a balanced look.
    • Infuse dimension into the monochromatic with sculpted furniture and textured fabrics.
    • Furniture with sculptural lines, upholstery, metal, and detailing
    • Light-catching materials: metallics, mirrors, crystal, and lacquer



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