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Display Cabinets To Add Style And Space To Your Living Room

Display Cabinets To Add Style And Space To Your Living Room

Display cabinets are perfect to showcase curios or those items that you have treasured for a long time like antique collections, artifacts, and figurines and a lot more. There is a wide assortment of modern display cabinets available in the market today, where most of them are manufactured with wood and are equipped with metallic shelves fixed with glass panels.

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Choose the ones that meet all your requirements and fits your space availability. 

Consider Type

While choosing the right living room display cabinet, it becomes necessary that you select the right type of cabinet.

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  • Metal Cabinets – If you have a home library or love to read books, then display your extensive collection in these metallic cabinets. These cabinets are perfect for heavy items like books or other office supplies.
  • Glass Display Cabinets – Glass cabinets make a great choice to showcase all your valuables or fragile items. They are also ideal for displaying those items that you want to show without letting them get touched.
  • Wall Mounted Display Case – They are perfect for adding a visual layer to your living space without taking up extra space. With limited space availability, these are an ideal choice.

Shelves Type

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Depending on what all is to be displayed, decide on the shelving style. For instance, if you want to show some intricate items, some antique jewelry, or more, then tiered shelves should be preferred. They increase the visibility of the items displayed inside regardless of the shelf in which they are placed. Also, you can go for glass shelves that are also transparent and allow penetration of light for a brighter display.

It’s a Matter of Design

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A unique style is sure to add more aesthetics to your display and also elevates the look of your space. You can opt for a curved glass display cabinet that appears artistic and unique than the traditional straight style. Moreover, curved forms also control reflection that may come from overhead lighting. You can also go for tall display cabinets with multiple shelves of varying sizes.

Lighting Matters

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Lighted interiors are essential to ensure that the décor inside looks its best. Based on your cabinet design, install a fluorescent tube or some colorful bulb to improve the visibility of the products.


Picking up the right display cabinet can be impactful. Explore the full range of modern display cabinets from top brands online at Grayson Living – A one-stop-shop for luxurious furniture pieces and other home décor accessories. 

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