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Expert Tips To Choose The Best Mirror

A mirror is more than just a reflective glass! A decorative wall mirror can transform any space instantly. Using a decorative mirror in your space can make it look not just bright and beautiful, but bigger too. If you want any room to look more dynamic and virtually more spacious, a nice decorative mirror at the right spot is what you need. If you are planning to install a mirror in any home corner, you can find an overwhelming range of mirrors available on the market. To make this daunting task simpler, here are some expert tips to find and purchase a beautiful and contemporary wall mirror for your home.

Lexington Carlyle Adour Shagreen Square Mirror

Choose an Appropriate Place

To begin your search for the right mirror for any room is to start with choosing the place where you want to hang it. Decide which wall you would like to hang the mirror. Keep in mind that it will reflect whatever it faces. For instance, placing a nice vanity mirror just opposite to the window in your room can be a great idea as it will directly reflect the natural light, making the room look brighter and bigger.

Bernhardt Calista Metal Mirror

Choose an Ideal Size

Another aspect to consider when choosing the right mirror is the mirror size. Given below are some useful tips to select the right size for your wall mirror.

Small or Medium: If you plan to create a focal point in your room with mirrors, then you may want to use small or medium-sized mirrors in groups to make a splendid visual impact. Each mirror will reflect the light in the room distinctively. You can always look for some small or medium-sized antique-style mirrors for a captivating view!

Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Shaped Mirror SPL

Large: A large wall mirror will look great on a big wall or in the master bedroom or living area. It will immediately draw focus on the area where it is placed.

Caracole Compositions Fontainebleau Mirror

Extra-large: Every home should have one full-length mirror. An extra-large mirror will appear to be a part of the wall, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

Choosing the Right Shape

If you think that after selecting the right size and place, you are done, then you must the shape of your wall mirror holds equal importance. The shape of the mirror can decide the room’s overall look and feel to a great extent.

Caracole Classic Fan-Tastic Mirror

For a sleek and sophisticated look, a rectangular or square mirror can add a great look to your wall. On the other hand, a round mirror brings an elegant touch to any space.


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