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TOV Furniture Terrazzo Light Speckled Side Table

Get The Room Ready For Your Lady

Every style, shape, material, color, and texture if used in a proper way can be enjoyed by both sexes equally. But out of all interior design elements, some can be associated with either traditionally feminine or masculine aesthetics. Usually, every home uses a combination of both elements, but at times a home can reflect more of one particular element. If you wish to design your home as per the choices of your lady love or for your mother, incorporate some aspects of feminine décor as discussed below.

TOV Furniture Yad Blush Velvet Swivel Chair

Opt for Softer Shapes and Colors

Any feminine décor makes use of soft and muted colors like light pastels and creamy neutrals. This doesn’t mean you can’t use bright colors like hot pink or a vivid purple. They also work perfectly in feminine spaces while giving a girly vibe. For accessorizing and using accents pieces, choose warm metallic like gold, copper, and rose gold. For a feminine looking décor, hard and geometric lines should be avoided and instead of that round and soft edges furniture pieces should be installed. For instance curvy couches and sofa-sectionals with button tufting for a little flair.

TOV Timber Side Table Black and Brass

Patterns and Textures

Feminine patterns include floral, botanicals, damasks, etc. You can also incorporate small geometric patterns such as polka dots. These patterns and prints look vibrant, cheerful, and will be loved by all. Textures also tie the room together and decide the room’s overall feels.

TOV Furniture Vivi Velvet Bed King- Blush

Additionally, textures and the way you use them can determine the overall feel of a room. A mix of textures look great, so you can consider combining hard with soft, shiny with matte, and smooth with coarse to create an impeccable look. For an ultra-feminine bedroom, you can also incorporate a healthy dose of various materials like cotton, silk, velvet, linen, chenille, and cashmere.

TOV Furniture Tulip Boucle Ottoman

Furniture Pieces and Accessories

To create a feminine aesthetic, make use of certain materials like faceted crystal, gilt, mirror, and marble, etc.

TOV Furniture Yara Pleated Velvet Loveseat by Inspire Me! Home Decor Beige

As already talked, furniture can have button tufting and carved details, but too much of it should be avoided as that can be overwhelming. Also, accessories play a major role in feminine interiors. Decorate with a vase of fresh flowers, use frilled and ruffled throw pillows, artworks, but remember never to overdo.

TOV Furniture Julia Wingback Chair by Inspire Me! Home Décor Cream


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