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Give Your Home A Unique Look With Room Dividers

Give Your Home A Unique Look With Room Dividers

Room dividers are a versatile furniture piece. From creating a private section in any room of your home to adding a decorative touch, a strategic display of the folding screen can help you save a lot of space. By following these creative ideas with diving screens, you can definitely add some flair and function to your home.
Bernhardt Canyon Ridge China Deck and Base II

Creative Make and Shift Wardrobe

You can easily create an illusion of a bigger space by using these room dividers as a separate dressing area. You can simply fold the screen and place it in some corner when not in use.
Hooker Furniture Dining Room Sunset Point Display Cabinet

Use it as a Bookcase

If you are a book lover, you can customize a floor to ceiling open bookcase that can also act as a room divider. This open unit won’t just serve for the storage, but will equally enhance the aesthetics as well.
Hooker Furniture Home Office Palisade Bookcase

Use Wooden Room Dividers for See Through

With wooden slats, the room can be divided into separate areas and added to that with its openwork design you can even see through these panels. These wooden screens will also create a sense of easy movement and create a sense of flow.
BDI Semblance Systems 5402-CB Bookcase

Hide Some Essentials

When there is an essential that has to be kept unsighted, then a strategic placement of a folding screen can be used stylishly to hide it.
Caracole Classic Private Screening Frame

Add Some Visual Flair

These room screens even double as a decorative item. You can get a screen with vibrant and bold colors and place it in some empty corner or tuck it against the wall to incorporate some visual flair.
Christopher Guy Menton 3 Floor Screen

To Block Light

Screens are multipurpose and can even work as curtains to block the sunlight. At times morning light can be distracting. By getting one folding screen into your room, you can get beauty sleep. Besides, it will give a layered effect in your room.
Christopher Guy Mondrian Floor Screen


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