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Caracole Modern Uptown Loft Cocktail Table

Give Your Place A Gorgeous Finish: Expert Tips

In your home, a skillful mix of finishes looks far more stylish, but the process isn't always intuitive. To ensure that the look is cohesive, the tones, tints, and finishes play a major role. They are significant in deciding the overall aesthetic. The next question to consider while you plan your home décor finish is to think if your home decor leans more towards modern or contemporary, or are you full-on traditional? Some finishes work exceptionally well with certain aesthetics.

Caracole Modern Uptown Loft Cocktail Table

Here we bring some expert tips for you to plan and select a perfect finish for any room in your home.

Opt for a Mix of Grain Patterns and Sizes

Color isn't the only element that distinguishes a finish. The wood’s grain pattern and size equally matter. The grain pattern means the stripes, swirls, or flame-like shapes that are there in the wood. Pattern scales can add interest; so, opt for a mix of varying wood grains as well.

Caracole Signature Promethean Aubriot Salon Chair

Compare and Contrast

When talking about compare and contrast, black and white come to mind at first. The light and dark combination says a lot about your style and can anchor any space. This can be done in several ways. Getting light color walls in the backdrop and using dark-toned furniture pieces. Likewise, even in pairs, getting a white marble dining table and black upholstery dining chairs to make a perfect combination.

Lexington Ariana St. Tropez Upholstered Panel Headboard King

Dominating by a Single Finish

Using a single color is a plus in any interior design and the good space is one that creates visual interest. Try putting together space in a single accent color. Getting an area rug, couches, lampshades, all in a single color. Though to elevate the look, other accessories like throws and pillows, draperies, etc can be used to add more colors.

Caracole Upholstery Lattice Entertain You Sofa

Transitions with Metal Finishes

Break up the stark wooden furniture look at the home and add details with metals. These usually get observed the first while walking in any room. Hinges, knobs, furniture hardware, can make a really big impact. Lighting fixtures are equally important.

Caracole Avant Square Cocktail Table


Creating a balance can never be a bad idea. Stick to about three or four finishes to be used throughout your entire home, and not more than two in a single room. This will help to create a sense of cohesion and turns your house a home. Explore more at Grayson Living– A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of luxurious furniture pieces and other quality home décor accessories.
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