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Guide To Set Up A Peaceful Reading Nook In Your Backyard

Guide To Set Up A Peaceful Reading Nook In Your Backyard

One of the best activities that you can ever think of doing in your backyard patios is to create a quiet sitting nook and have some cozy self time with your favorite book. Scheduling your free time for a good read surrounded by the fresh air in your backyard can indeed be relaxing. Take a look at some of these ideas to make your space around you feel peaceful and zen as much as possible.

Lexington Upholstery Granier’s Swivel ChairPerfect Seating

Your outdoor reading nooks should be inviting and even the simplest study desk and sling chair can help make any outdoor reading nook comfortable and cozy. Simply update the setting with a few throw pillows and cushions.

Lexington Avondale Kempton Swivel ChairIdeal Sized Table

Reading and relaxing is often associated with drinking coffee or tea. A small coffee table to your reading nook will make a nice addition. Keep in mind that the table is big enough to keep all your favorite books, a cup of coffee, some pen stands or a table lamp for the night time. But, it should be much big for your limited outdoor space availability.

Bernhardt Santa Barbara Square Cocktail Ottoman
Scents Make Powerful Effect

Scent can make a huge impact in any corner even in a small reading nook. One way of infusing fragrance in the outdoors is by growing small flowers and plants.  Another way is to place a selection of different scented candles. The same can also be done with essential oils. By adding some calming scents to your space is a great way when you need to relax.

Zuo Retro Planter Green & Teal


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