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Hooker Furniture Home Office Curata Mobile File SPL

How To Set-up Home Office In A Small Space

Many people worldwide are still working remotely from home and in this case, if you wish to create a home office, it is quite simple. It is not always necessary to turn a spare or less used bedroom into a home office, but any closet corner, kitchen space, or hallways with appropriate office furniture can be effectively turned into a perfect workplace.

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Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the key in small spaces. To create cozy nooks, make use of only the essential office furniture pieces like installing a storage desk with a drawer for files and office supplies. A nice comfortable chair is what you need along.

Hooker Furniture Home Office Curata Mobile File SPL

Rearrange Existing Furniture

In the living room, move your sofa in the center and use the area behind it to create a home office setup. A nice desk and chair can be placed and the table be topped with various accessories to add to the look.

Hooker Furniture Home Office Curata Writing Desk

Along the Wall

Along with the wall of any room create a shelving unit and add a desk along. Use the shelves to keep all files, books, documents, and paper works. To get a unified look, keep a similar color palette.

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Bedroom Nooks

Any spare bedroom isn’t always meant for the guests. Utilize the space by creating a nice home office. A narrow desk and an ergonomic chair are just perfect. Decorate the tabletop with water bottles, magnets, diaries, books, etc. When guests arrive, this room can double as a workstation and for relaxation.

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Near a Window

How about getting a workspace with an outside view? Amazing, isn’t it? Turn any window area into a small workstation. You simply need to install a built-in desk and shelves under a large window. So, you can work at ease and get a nice view.

Hooker Furniture Home Office Curata Mobile File

Hallway Hideout

Hallways can offer a whole lot of opportunities for multifunctional spaces. A sleek table can be installed along the wall. A vertical shelving unit can also be installed to save space and add storage.

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