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How To Use Rugs In Your Home Décor?

How To Use Rugs In Your Home Décor?

Rugs are one of the most important parts of a room that can make a significant difference to its decor. They are often seen as the final piece that holds the entire room together. People often forget that rugs and carpets , can add art, color and warmth to any room. 

You can use rugs and carpets in your home in many ways. They can be used to upgrade the home decor by introducing color and pattern without needing to change significantly. I’ve prepared a list of ways in which you can use rugs in your home decor. Here are a few of them.

Use Different Types of Rugs

There are many different types of rugs and carpets available in the market. There are large area rugs, oriental rugs, contemporary rugs, hallway runners, doormats, and more. You can use these rugs to define areas within your home and add color to accordingly. 

TOV Nandi Rug

For instance, you can add a splash of color by using two or more rugs of different sizes, types or patterns in a single room. Make sure that the combination of rugs looks aesthetically pleasing and not a chaos of colors.

Keep Your Home Décor in Mind

Rug according to home decor

When decorating your house with rugs and carpets, make sure that you don’t forget your home décor. In fact, choose your rugs/carpets after analyzing the color scheme of a room to make sure that the chosen rug complements its aesthetics.

For instance, choose a rug/carpet that fits in well with the color of your furniture and wall color. Depending upon your taste, you can either choose subtler or brighter color shades to make a room quieter or louder 

Create a Focal Point

You can use carpets/rugs to create a focal point in your room. This requires you to choose a rug that echoes with your home décor – wall and furniture color. You can use the same concept to create a contrast instead and brighten up your home.

Surya Zeus Round Rug

For instance, you can use round area rugs as wall hangings in your room to increase its aesthetic value. You can place a rug in the middle of a room to increase its impact on the overall décor.

Choosing the Right Rug

Choosing the Right Rug

No matter how good a rug or carpet is, you must choose the right one for it to contribute to your home décor. There are different types of rugs and carpets you can choose from. For example, you should use outdoor rugs for open areas of your house and kids room rug in your kid’s room. The color scheme, the material, and the pattern of these rugs are designed according to their category. You can also choose rugs of different sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the part of your home you want to use them. 


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