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Bernhardt Furniture

Introducing Bernhardt Loft Collection

With a focus on urban interiors for living spaces, the furniture offered by Bernhardt Lofts emphasizes coordinating upholstery. Loft by Bernhardt plays with darker finishes, sleek profiles, sharp geometrics, and luxe leathers.

LaSalle Upholstered Bed

Sophisticated Take on Casual Furniture

This evolving lifestyle brand aims to create a sophisticated and edgy look that combines modern minimalism with some cool retro sentiment and the revival style of the 70s.

Amherst Door Chest

Dark Finishes and Geometric Designs

Most furniture pieces by Loft has dark finishes on sharp geometric designed patterns. The sleek profile of the furniture adds to the edgy look.

Reilly Console Table

Blends of Forms and Details

The exclusive collection by Loft Bernhardt focuses on exceptional craftsmanship. The excellent architectural designs, bold and clean lines, use of minimal hardware all combined with natural elements and materials like raffia, natural rattan, distressed pine, etc.

Asher Gathering Table

Small Scale Multifunctional Furniture

Keeping in mind, furniture designed for small spaces, the pieces are smaller in scale and immensely stylish. The furniture pieces of this brand are not just aesthetically appealing but also multifunctional. For instance, the brand offers console tables, that are practical enough to double as a home bar cabinet. The tables offered by Loft are also of varying heights that can function as side tables, accent tables, or simply stand-alone pieces to fill in the empty spaces in the home.

Alhambra Jaxson


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