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ART Furniture Epicenters 33127 Rubell Panel Bed

Learn To Make Your Bed Like An Expert

Every time you visit a 5-star hotel, you admire the Interiors, décor set up and of course, the bedding of the bedroom. Perfect and fashionable bedding adds tone and texture to the bedroom. Well, if you wish to make your bed like a professional decorator or similar to that of your favorite magazine’s cover page, you need to understand that what all is required to attain a similar look. The bed should be arranged neatly by using multiple sheets, throw blanket, shams and queen bed sets. No feeling can compare to the feel like falling into a fluffy and exquisite-looking bed after a long tiring day.

ART Furniture Epicenters 33127 Rubell Panel Bed

Have you ever wondered how the hotel beds are better in comparison to that of your home beds? The hotel bedrooms are accessorized to perfection with the extravagant sheets, heavy comforters and superfluous pillows. Even, the 5-star hotels use specific tricks to create that perfect bed. So, here is a list of all those things you require to make that perfect bedding.

Bed Skirt

You might assume that is it necessary to add a bed skirt around your bed. Well accessorizing your bed with bed skirt depends on the type and frame of bed you own. If the bed has an exposed, unattractive metal frame, then you should opt for a bed skirt. Even, you can keep certain things like sports equipment or bulky items.

Marge Carson Trianon Court Poster Bed

Additional Pads to the Mattress

By adding the pads to the mattress, you get a layer of extra comfort and enjoy a sound sleep, just like a baby.

Marge Carson Fontaine Bedding Package

Adding Sheets for a Neat Look

Want to know the secret, why you enjoy a sound sleep in the hotels? It all depends on how you add sheets to the mattress. Smooth and neatly tucked sheets make a lot of difference. First of all, the sheets should not have any crease and to avoid that you can iron them, or lay them right on to your bed as soon as they get dry.

ART Furniture Cityscapes Hudson Storage Bed

Call for a Blanket

Need a blanket for extra warmth? Keep it in an organized and stylish way over the bed. Adjust the blanket in a way so that the top hem roughly touches the pillow width. Evenly spread the edges of the blanket over the mattress and tuck it like the sheets.

ART Furniture Artiste Now Miles Upholstered Bed

Adorn it With a Topper

You can use a quilt, bedspread or comforter according to your preference. Position the topper over the blanket and set it evenly from all the sides. Place the topper just below the pillow width and tuck in all the exposed sides.

Marge Carson San Marcos Bedding Package

Position the Pillows

First, place the sleeping pillows, and then comes the stylish shams and throw pillow that adds an interesting Edge to the bedding.

Marge Carson Palisades Bedding Package


If you follow these steps precisely and manage the sheet to tuck in neatly with patience every day, it would become easy for you to get that perfect-looking hotel bed like a pro. Explore more at Grayson Living– A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of luxurious furniture pieces and other quality home décor accessories.
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