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Let The Walls Speak – With The Best And Price Conscious Wall Décor Ideas

We often define a home as a secure place surrounded by four walls. Walls can also be the most important and visually interactive part a home’s look and feel. Although more permanent choices like wall color and wallpaper design cannot be changed quite as easily, another solution in updating a wall is wall decor.
With the help of some key pieces, you can easily modify the appearance of your space without having to make some major alterations.

1. John Richard Omega Mirror

John Richard Omega MirrorThe wood of this frame is engineered with faux anigre veneers and poplar solids with a one-inch beveled glass inset in it. Showcasing a rectangular silhouette, the mirror can be hung both vertically and horizontally as per your wall area, making your room looks much bigger and brighter.

2. Caracole Miroir de Fleur Mirror

Caracole Miroir de Fleur Mirror
This Caracole Miroir de Fleur Mirror inset in a polished silver metal frame flaunts an attractive tulip-shaped silhouette. The free-flowing shape adds a subtle dash of visual attraction to your wall, while the metallic accents define its curves even more. The mirror can be placed above your dresser or in your bathroom for a sophisticated and brighter look.

3. John Richard Zeta Mirror in Mayan Bronze

John Richard Zeta Mirror in Mayan Bronze
Showcasing a series of organic shapes interlocked with each other in the Mayan bronze finish, the plain modern mirror reflects your room in a way that makes it look larger and more elegant. Place this in your bedroom over your dresser or in the hallway of your living room for an extravagant appeal.

4. Caracole Looking Glass Mirror

Caracole Looking Glass Mirror
The stand-out octagonal shape of this mirror is definitely an eye-catcher. With each and every piece beveled, the mirror catches and reflects more light, bringing an extra shine to your space. Flecked with warm golden, the outer band is that of an antiqued mirror in a cooler grey finish. Offering a wide surface area for a clear view, the mirror can work well for both contemporary and traditionally inspired home decors.

5. John Richard Jinlu's Abstract

John Richard Jinlu's Abstract
If you’re rather into art and whimsical décor items, this would work best for you. One of Jinlu’s most popular works of art, this wall art décor displays a unique and balanced amalgamation of heavy textures and wild colors. Featuring a brilliant bouquet of flowers, the wall art can be hung in your bedroom or living room for a colorful look.

6. John Richard Waves of Gold Medium Mirror

John Richard Waves of Gold Medium Mirror
This wall reflector magnifies the beauty of any wall with its golden wavy silhouette surrounding a nickel fisheye center combining to form a look that is at home in both traditional and contemporary settings. In accordance to the area of wall you want to cover, you can choose from the three varieties of sizes or maybe group them all together for a striking and dramatic look.
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