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Modern Dinnerware Chargers: Perfect For Your Everyday Formal To Informal Need

Modern Dinnerware Chargers: Perfect For Your Everyday Formal To Informal Need

Charger plates are practically designed to serve multiple purposes. From providing elegance and enhancing table décor to anchoring a dining table, the uses for a charger are endless. These serving plates also help create an ambiance that is aesthetically pleasing to guests and protect the table from accidents while serving the food.

Explore some of the contemporary chargers below that you can also use to add some seasonal flair to your dining room table setting without investing in new furniture.                                     

John Richard Collection I - Grounded Series II

This beautiful John Richard Collection service plate features a back with silver leaf, with a masterpiece image by artist Carol Benson-Cobb. You can hang this unique dinnerware on the wall or place it on a table to serve multiple course meals. Besides, it is simple to clean, only hand wash in warm water and let it dry. 

John Richard Copper Luster Matte Charger

This craftsmanship has been engineered with a raku reactive glaze creating an innovative copper and emerald green marble effect for an intriguing design on this ceramic charger. This modern dinnerware will not just complement the decor of your dining table but will also add some visual interest to your hosting’s overall feel.

John Richard Branched Charger and Stand

Add some accent to your charger with this branch-plated branch stand in a hammered aged brass finish. The cast branches are extended to partially cover the front of the charger, adding interest. This white dinner set is ideal to be used on formal occasions such as catering events, weddings, reunion parties, banquets, and even in fine dining restaurants.

Browse a wide assortment of modern dinnerware pieces and impress your friends and family with uncompromising quality. The charger plates, available at Grayson Living, come in several sizes, colors, textures, styles from indoor, outdoor, formal and casual needs. Browse Grayson Living – a one-stop destination for the most luxurious and contemporary home décor items including an unprecedented selection of quality charger plates and stands.           
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