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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
ART Furniture Morrissey Novello Tall Bookcase

Must-Have In Any Stunning Home Library

Home libraries are not just for those who love books, but can also turn out to be the space in the home meant for relaxing and spending some time alone. A feeling of tranquility and stress-free vibes around when you are in your home library. But all this is not just possible on its own with you surrounded by just the books you love. Consider some of the things discussed below to create a home-library that you desire.

Hooker Furniture Home Office South Park Bunching Bookcase

Comfortable Chairs

Enjoying your favorite book in the library is more fulfilling when the seating is good. A comfortable reading accent chair, a plush bench or a built-in reading nook are some of the great ideas for the home library. Comfort is king when you're slipping away into the world of words, and thus, your built-in reading nook into your shelving makes a nice choice. It is also a great space-saving idea.

ART Furniture Morrissey Novello Bookcase

Some Artistic Touches

To give your small home library the real feel of a library, then you should take more than just stacks and rows of books. Some art in the area or around your modern bookshelf will add some personality to the space. For instance, some artwork like a big photo frame can be hung directly on the bookshelf, making everything the part of the same display.

Huppe Castella Bookcase 7704

Ceiling Lights and Other Lighting

To create a high-end look, add enough lighting to your home reading room for different purposes. Keep a reading lamp in the first place. Next, add some accent lighting that lights up the bookshelves and washes the bookcase wall with illumination. If you need to save money on considering using LED lights that are battery operated. Floor lamps that are tall and complement your seat height can also be installed.

Sligh Aventura Odyssey Deck


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