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Post Winter Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

During the winter, one prefers to stay warm inside and come out only in the noontime to enjoy some warmth and natural light. But more often, the outdoor patios remain unnoticed. But once the winter is over, your desire to sit in the outdoor garden and patio areas may fade away quickly, once you see the poor state of your outdoor furniture. Using these tips you can maintain your outdoor furniture after the winter months quite easily.

Global Views Gilles Side TableProper Cleaning of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor dining sets like those made of teak wood and other hardwoods are quite sensitive to sunlight and damp. All this can result in the graying of your outdoor furniture pieces. In case of any lichen on your garden furniture, use vinegar, lemon juice or some other acetic liquid to get rid of it. However, if you are looking for some permanent protection, the treatment of your patio furniture can be done with hardwood oil.

ART Furniture Epicenters Brentwood Outdoor Wicker Armless LoveseatUse Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

If the furniture is made of soft pine wood, it should be brushed first with a firm brush. If the infestation is already well advanced, first sand the wood back to the healthy wood and later simply brush with spruce turpentine or pine oil.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Aviano Chaise LoungeCleaning Outdoor Umbrellas

If you are confused about how to clean the outdoor umbrellas, then cleaning it too is pretty simple. You just need to clean your umbrella in some warm water with a few drops of white vinegar and a generous amount of mild detergent. Scrub it for some while, rinse it properly and let it dry in the sun.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Alfresco Living Umbrella - CanvasOutdoor Mats and Rugs Cleaning

Well, if you brush the outdoor mats & rugs from time to time cleaning wouldn't be that difficult. If your doormats & rugs are washable, then give them a good soak in baking soda. Brush off the dirt properly and it is good to use and, appears all new.

ART Furniture Morrissey Outdoor Neo Rectangular Dining Table


Invest in occasional maintenance of your outdoor furniture and it will be quite time-saving. Explore more at Grayson Living  –– A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of luxurious furniture pieces and other quality home décor accessories, that includes an unprecedented collection of durable outdoor furniture.

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