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Lexington Avondale Fox River Bachelors Chests

Quality Bachelor’s Chests Buying Guide

A Bachelor’s chest of drawers is a must-have storage solution in any home. Bachelor’s chests have been along for a long time and we can use them anywhere in our home we want right from the bedroom to bathroom, to store and organize all our clothing and linens to towels and bathrobes. When placed in the living area, bedroom or walkways, with a decorative top displaying curios and collectibles, these chest cabinets can make a great accent piece in any home.

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Sandcastle Bachelor Chest

Available today in a plethora of sizes, designs, and colors, you can also buy one depending on the style of your home. Here are a few pro tips to keep in mind while you shop for Bachelor’s chest.

Size to Opt

Depending upon your space availability you can decide about the size of the chest of drawers you should buy. There should be enough space in your room to walk freely and for the drawers to fully open. Chests of drawers come in several configurations and styles. A 3 drawer bachelor chest is the one that suits any style and space. “Tall boys”, the narrow, tall chest of drawers, with four to five drawers make a popular choice in places with tight spaces.

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Sandcastle Chest

Material to Choose

The material of the bachelor’s chest you choose can play a key role in determining the vibe and the overall aesthetics of your room. Wood is a considerable option for it is durable and sturdy, but even goes well with both contemporary and traditional styles. Mirrored pieces can add an evocative sense of artistic look to your space. For a modern and chic look, opt for the chest of drawers made of metal and in darker hues.

Hooker Furniture Rhapsody Bachelors Chest

Play with Colors and Shapes

Bachelor’s chests come in a wide range of colors including black, gray, white, mirrored, etc. For a visual variety in your room, you can look for different shapes. Another idea is if you are getting two chests in the same room; buy them in different heights and sizes. Accessorize the top well for a perfect look.

Lexington Avondale Fox River Bachelors Chest


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