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ART Furniture Morrissey Cashin Panel Bed California King

Selecting Perfect Headboards For Your Bed

Your bed is the heart of your bedroom and the right headboard can become your bedroom’s focal point. Your bed is the best furniture investment in a bedroom and so it’s worth it to make that furniture a statement piece. Headboards upholstery has the power to instantly transform your mattress into a visually stunning art piece. Take a look at how you can make it happen.

ART Furniture Architrave Upholstered Panel Bed Queen

Maximize Your Ceiling Height

Low ceilings can look higher if you fill in more of the wall’s area. A large heightened headboard will immediately attract everyone’s gaze as soon as you enter that space, basically because it is the tallest element in the room. Your headboard’s extra vertical inches won’t just give you more back support, but also add a classic appeal to your space.

ART Furniture Arris Panel Bed Queen

Right Headboard Fabric Upholstery

Wall is already concrete and hard, but adding some upholstery and fabric can create a focal point of softness. Upholstered headboards are available in different colors and textiles. Additionally, if you get tufted headboards like button tufting which is usually most opted for, can help create a sophisticated look.

ART Furniture Charme Upholstered Bed Queen

Satisfy Multiple Purposes

Extending across most of your wall, your headboard can stretch far beyond the edges of your mattress. That extra length can also include built-in nightstands and additional shelving. Use them to hide away clutter, keep knickknacks, or display some of your favorite decorative items. When you combine these little touches, with the massive size headboard, can become an instant focal point.

ART Furniture Artiste Now Lawrence Wood Bed California King

Embrace Interesting Shapes

There is no rule that claims that your king-size headboard must be rectangular. You can think outside the box by opting for round or asymmetrical shapes. If your bed has an unexpected and unconventional styled headboard, it will surely draw everyone’s eyes who walks by your bedroom.

ART Furniture Cityscapes Chelsea Upholstered Shelter Sleigh Bed California King

Opt for Bold Patterns

Patterns don’t mean that you have to limit yourself to fabrics. Create a bold look by choosing wood and stone planks or tiles that you can arrange in a particular way. Opt for some textural pieces with an aesthetic appeal. You can still bring fabric textiles together in a creative way when upholstered panels are assembled to look like a brick pattern.

ART Furniture Kingsport UPH Panel Bed 67.51W 76.1D 70.1H


Creating a focal point can be tricky, but with some of these décor tips in mind, you can achieve your dream bed and the headboard that completes it. Explore more at Grayson Living – A one-stop online destination for the most eclectic collection of modern furniture pieces and high-end home décor accessories. We, at Grayson Living, are offering custom-made furniture, complimentary online e-design services. From fabric sample requests, catalog shipments, CAD designs, to inspirational boards. Our expert interior designers are ready to accommodate any requests virtually.
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