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Bernhardt Decorage Dining Table

Style Your Dining Room Like A Pro

The dining room is an important area in the home, perfect for entertainment and gatherings, hosting meals with family and friends, organizing game nights, etc. So, dining room decor plays an important role to make a long-lasting impression on all the guests. Here are some tried and tested dining room décor tips that are sure to fetch you compliments for your taste.

Bernhardt Decorage Dining Table

Begin with Right Furniture

While selecting the right table and dining room chairs, take into consideration not just the size but also functionality. Comfort is yet another factor that is to be counted on. While choosing the dining table, it is equally important to ensure that the furniture pieces fit in easily, leaving enough space to walk around the room. If your room is small, then opt for a round table, while in large dining rooms, rectangular dining tables with the extendable options are perfect. If you want to give your living area a formal appearance, go for cherry finishes, polished mahogany, and smooth contours. For a contemporary vibe, go for stone, glass, marble, and steel materials.

Caracole Steel The Show Dining Table

Play with Colors

Once done with the dining table furniture, it’s time to choose the right tablescape to set the right ambiance and atmosphere. The colors of your dishes and crockery that you choose can make a major impact on the entire décor. Besides, the dining table linens including the table mat, table runner, etc. also go a long way to set the mood of your dining room. If you’ desire to create a modern look, consider accessories with non-neutral colors. You can play with bold colors, prints, and patterns. On the other hand, if you want to keep things traditional, you can’t go wrong with neutral shades of ivory, white, beige, gray, or brown.

Bernhardt Decorage Side Chair 561

Consider Adding Wall Art

Wall arts aren’t only limited to bedrooms and living rooms. They can be used just anywhere and everywhere. The right wall art décor in the dining room can have a significant impact on the dining room’s atmosphere. Large wall art can become a nice focal point. In case you are uncertain about what might look right, then go for something that might inspire you. Wall art need not always be a painting or wall print. You can even opt for large decorative wall mirrors to catch attention and reflect the light to make the entire area look bigger and brighter.

Caracole Very Appealing Side Chair - Set of 2

Add Some Finishing Touches

Accessories can play a major role in the dining room. The way you decorate the dining table can make a major impact. You can use some vases, candles, antiques as centerpieces. Remember not to over-accessorize.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Miramar Point Reyes Botticelli 60in Round Dining Table


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