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Global Views Abstract Block Floating Shelf-Brass

Things To Keep In Mind While Styling Shelves

Open shelving is a great way to create a point of visual interest and to make any room look chic and eclectic. Place some of your collectibles and most cherished items on it and enjoy while you are surrounded by the things that tell your story. Give your home an interesting update and sophisticated feel by incorporating shelves in that room.

Global Views Abstract Block Floating Shelf

Vibe Matters

Decide on the vibe that you wish to create – a Scandinavian one or the one that offers some airy feels? Choose the colors wisely keeping in mind the color scheme of that area. If you have leather upholstery and metallic finishes, stick to choosing darker colors.

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Good lighting is also important while designing a nice shelving area. Be ensured that it receives enough white light. If possible, incorporate some lighting fixtures inside the shelves. You place a small table lamp somewhere in between.


Height of the shelves and the height of the objects placed on them equally matter. Ensure everything stored and displayed have a visual balance between them. You can pair items of different heights together to create a staggered effect.

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Books and Magazine Display

The first thing that comes to mind to decorate any shelving furniture piece is with the favorite reads- magazines and books. But, remember not to clutter, and go minimal in their setting. If you are less on space, you can place the books vertically that will be space-saving. You can even consider placing them between the bookends.

Global Views One Up Wall Shelf

Add Photo Frames and Leaning Art Pieces

If you have floating shelves then adding frames and leaning art pieces look immensely stylish. Let frames displaying your childhood memories, family photos, moments with friends, etc. lean against the wall. You may also mix and match small and big art pieces until you get the perfect desired look.

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