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Top Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Worth Buying

Nowadays, there are tons of gorgeous lighting options out there, but if your space is full of low ceilings, then your lighting choices narrow down. In such cases, the most common source of overhead light is flush-mount lighting that sits directly against the roof, and it is typically a light bulb covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Jonathan Adler Parker Flush Mount Lamp

In a small-to-medium size space availability, Flush Mount Ceiling Lights is the best overhead lighting you need. Go for those light fixtures that complement your home decorating style. You can go for simple ones, or choose the ones with a bit more flair. You can also avail from various options, including metal or painted trim, molded glass, and other artistic shapes.

Modern Semi Flush Mount Lighting

Fine Art Lamps Chateau Outdoor Black Outdoor Flush Mount

Yet another lighting choice is a semi-flush-mount fixture that has some drops downs with a few inches on a short rod. You can avail them in a variety of styles and designs. You can opt from the wide assortments of clear glass, open-bottomed, and highly shiny fixtures.

Pendant Lights

Palecek Everly Pendant

Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling suspended on thin cables or chains or some metallic rod. They are trendy and versatile enough to make a big splash in your home’s decor and is especially prevalent in contemporary homes.

Recessed Lights

Zuo Sprite Ceiling Lamp Small Gold & Red

Also called downlights, or spotlights they are perfect for the living room and can also be an excellent choice for the bedroom. In case of large space availability, recessed lights work well in combination with other types of ceiling fixtures. 


Global Views Antonelli Chandelier

Chandeliers add undeniable glamour, and elegance to any space. Some popular styles include Tuscan, art deco, cottage, romantic and traditional, and more. They are perfect for adding some finishing touch to a contemporary or even minimalist bedroom.


Explore the range of beautiful flush mount ceiling lights for a room remodel or have space where you want to splurge on something high-end, all at Grayson Living - A home for the most luxurious home décor items, where quality prevails over everything.

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