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FALL SALE: SAVE 15% WITH CODE FALL15 ON $2,000+ (Some Exclusions)
Four Hands Marina Chaise Natural Rattan

Types Of Chaise Lounge You Must Know About

In the backyard or garden, even a simple bench can look amazing. But what if you can get added comfort and make space look more inviting with an outdoor chaise lounge? Investing in a chaise lounge chair is worth an investment in the patio, porch, or simply anywhere in your yard.

Caracole Compositions Adela Chaise

It becomes really important to keep in mind that there is a need for enough space to fit in a chaise lounge easily. Also, there must be enough space in front and behind each chaise, for you to navigate in your deck areas without obstruction.

TOV Adele Velvet Chaise Blush

Different Chaise Lounge Materials and Durability

Your choice of chaise lounge construction material and type will majorly depend on your personal preferences and also considering how well they go with your outdoor aesthetics.

Nuevo Gigi Salt & Pepper

Softwood Chaise Lounge

Softwoods are less expensive but also less durable for it can crack, chip off, and even rot if exposed to elements over a long time. In case you opt for a pool lounge chair made of softwood, make sure regular varnishing is done to prevent the appearance of signs of wear and tear.

Four Hands Marina Chaise Natural Rattan

Hardwood Chaise Lounge

Undoubtedly, hardwood is more durable and stronger in comparison to softwoods. They offer more comfort, can withstand dents and scratches, and even have a more polished look. Ensure not to place them near the pool, as water can damage the chaise lounge.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Tres Chic Chaise

Wicker Chaise Lounge

It is a popular choice and gives a rustic look. It is just perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Durability depends on where it is placed. If opting for a wicker chaise lounge place it in some less exposed area.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Island Estate Lanai Chaise

Teak Chaise Lounge

When looking for both comfort and durability, then teak is the go-to option. If taken care of properly, the teak chaise lounge is likely to last long. But, it is important to rub them down to prevent silver patina discoloration in the long run.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Los Altos Valley View Chaise Lounge

Lumbar Chaise Lounge

HDPE lumber furniture is durable, looks amazing, and is weather-resistant. What else do you need? It can easily withstand air, water, and rust without any wear and tear for years to come. Choose them in the desired colors to match your décor and for cleaning, spot clean with mild detergent and water.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Cypress Point Ocean Terrace Chaise

Choosing Right Color

Color is an important factor to consider besides material and durability. Look for a color that complements your outdoor furniture style. You may opt for attractive colors blue, grays, greens, browns, yellows, and other earth colors. For a modern outdoor look, a black or white chaise lounge and a brown or green color will look amazing by the poolside.

Hooker Furniture Living Room Caddock Chaise


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