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TOV Paisley Gold Wall Art

Wall Art Ideas To Highlight Your Wall Décor

It’s time to analyze your home walls. Do you find empty and plain walls in your home that are completely devoid of any kind of modern wall art? If yes, then for sure your room lacks in personality and some warmth that could have tied the entire space together.

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Plain walls not only look dull and stark but may also signify your lack of interest in the place. But now if you too are tired of staring at those blank home walls and now plan for some wall décor, you will find how you can transform your house into a home. All this isn’t that difficult as you might think. You can actually display anything that you like ranging from vintage paintings to some framed posters. Display your family photos, magazine poster collections, or just anything that is of your interest. Here are some of the amazing wall décor ideas to give your space a decorative boost.

TOV Wren Wall Art

Much before you start, plan out where everything is. Create a draft by cutting craft paper or newspaper in the same size as your art and taping the cutouts into place to get an idea of how your space will look. Take all the measurements using a measurement tape rather than only assuming. The artwork shouldn’t be too high or low and placed at the right height.

TOV Paisley Gold Wall Art

Measure Your Space

Always try to balance the visual impact of your space. Ensure that the artworks and photos used by you have an interesting mix of frame shapes and sizes. For instance, for a large wall, consider grouping multiple pieces with varying sizes and shapes like circular decorative mirrors, frames, and artwork in rectangular and square shapes.

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Built-In Shelves

Instead of hanging everything directly on the walls, you can also consider displaying some artwork on built-in shelves. If your room has a curio display or even a bookshelf placed by the walls, then you can display your favorite photos with friends or family, some memorable trip, or any special moment captured.

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Hanging Wall Mirrors

Adding some visual depth and brightness to any dark nook is equally easy. Simply hang some decorative mirrors with metallic elements in chrome and gold to instantly transform your room. Light when reflected from the mirror will make the area look brighter and bigger.

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Rearranging Wall Arts

Are you bored of the same look created by your modern wall art? Rearrange and rotate your wall arts from time to time to get a fresh new look! Another possibility is to swap the artwork across the rooms.

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